Masland Carpets – A Complete Guide 

The story of Masland Carpets and Rugs began in Pennsylvania in 1866. Their goal was to create and maintain the highest quality broadloom carpets. They achieved this and remain premier carpet manufacturers to this day.

Dixie Group Inc. owns Masland Carpets. In recent years they’ve expanded the company catalog to include luxury vinyl flooring. Most of this brand’s products have an eco-friendly certification.

Masland Carpets and Rugs have manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. They produce most of their products in North America.

Read on for our complete guide to Masland Carpets’ product range.

In Short

  • With over 150 years of experience, Masland Carpets creates versatile products that add a unique finish to any space. 
  • They mainly produce wool and nylon products but also have luxury vinyl flooring and rugs. 
  • Masland Carpets make their rugs from the finest, eco-friendly wool.
  • Masland has the most extensive range of patterns on the market. 
  • The downfall is that they’re expensive, and you can only buy them from independent carpet stores.
  • Proper care and maintenance will increase the longevity of your Masland carpets. 
  • Hire professionals once every 12 to 18 months to do a deep clean.

The Many Masland Carpets

Masland Carpets are the leaders in luxury carpets. They make high-quality broadloom carpets with a solid fiber selection. The brand also offers an unparalleled variety of patterns

Most of their carpet ranges consist of wool and nylon products. Masland makes its rugs from 100% sustainable wool.

Let’s look at the different materials this brand uses to manufacture its superior products.


Masland Carpets have a wide range of nylon fibers available. Their best include:

  • Masland Stainmaster Tactesse
  • 100% Universal Fibers
  • Stainmaster Luxerall
  • EarthSmart Refresh

Nylon is usually stain-resistant, but Masland Carpets added an extra layer of protection with Stainmaster.

The 100% Universal Fibers carpet ranges have a BCF Type 6 rating with long-lasting stain resistance. BCF means ‘bulk continuous filament.’ It’s a single strand of nylon that’s used to make carpet. BCF carpets don’t shed fibers after installation so are perfect for people with allergies.

They use solutions and continuous dye methods to create a broad color range. They manufacture their Stainmaster Luxerall BCF nylon carpets in the same way. 

Masland Carpets have multiple styles, including loop, patterned loop, and cut pile. They have over 140 nylon fiber styles so that you can find the perfect style for you. 

All Masland nylon carpets use a low loop design for a unique design and increased utility. It also adds to the overall beauty of their products. 

Some of the most popular styles include:

  • Delray
  • Panache
  • Bungalow
  • Tristan
  • Cervantes
  • Veritas

Masland offers a variety of pile choices, including:

  • Cut pile – exposed fibers are sheared, often causing floating fibers
  • Loop pile – highly durable because yarn is kept intact; also called uncut-pile or Berber pile
  • Plush pile – densely packed, soft fibers; also called velvet-cut pile
  • Freeze-cut pile – long pieces of fiber are twisted and kinked
  • Sculpted pile – has looped and cut-pile fibers


If you prefer wool to nylon, you’ll love Masland Carpets’ custom STRONGWOOL ranges. They’re an eco-friendly option and a brilliant alternative to synthetic materials.

Masland carefully engineers their STRONGWOOL to increase the strength of their wool. 

Masland sources its wool from New Zealand. It adheres to the established Five Freedoms of Sheep guidelines laid out by the Farm Animal Welfare Council.

They manufacture their biodegradable wool carpets in the United States and use recycled materials for the backings. 

Wool is naturally fire-resistant, making it an extra safe choice. A review on Amazon for a Masland Zulu Area Rug also made with STRONGWOOL, says, “Love this rug, it massages your feet, too.” 

Masland has over 50 STRONGWOOL carpet varieties. They have a variety of styles, such as a textured loop and a wide range of colors. Most Masland wool carpets are patterned but they have some solid-color options.

Some of the most popular designs include:

  • Alexia
  • Imari
  • Grantham
  • Wexford

Masland Carpets also have an animal print range that includes leopard and zebra prints. 

Commercial Masland Carpets

Masland Carpets has a range of commercial carpets. 

There are two commercial carpet delivery options – Quick Ship (QS) and Office to Home.

Quick Ship is part of their sustainably designed eNeRGy series. Masland marks these products with QS, which means fast shipping. It’s perfect for projects with tight deadlines. 

Masland Carpets Quick Ship ranges come in over 40 styles. These products either have a 10-year guarantee or a limited lifetime warranty.

Their Office to Home range comes in a variety of patterns. Masland uses EarthSmart Refresh 6.6 nylon for this commercial carpet category. There are five different carpet tile forms.

Masland’s carpet range will add a chic style to any commercial space.

PetProtect Stainmaster

Masland Carpets understands the importance of our pets and the place they have in our lives. They created their pet-friendly range to protect your carpets from damage.

Masland makes their PetProtect products using Stainmaster SuperiaSD BCF Type 6 Nylon. It protects your flooring from permanent damage.

There are multiple styles available from Masland Carpets. They mostly come in earthy tones to help disguise any dirt. It’s an excellent choice for high traffic areas. 

Now, you can have beautiful carpets and keep your pets safe indoors. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Masland Carpets

Buying a carpet can be overwhelming. It’s expensive, and there are many options. 

It’s important to consider all the factors before choosing a brand you like.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of Masland Carpets.

Pros of Masland Carpets

  • They offer a wide range of colors, patterns, styles, and textures.
  • Masland Carpets use Stainmaster technology to protect your flooring from damage.
  • They offer exceptional warranties and guarantees.
  • Masland uses eco-friendly wool and manufacturing practices.
  • They’re trustworthy because they have more than 150 years of experience in the carpeting and rug business.
  • Masland Carpets have exceptionally low VOC emissions.
  • They’re a high-end carpet brand.
  • Masland Carpets developed their STRONGWOOL product using ethically sourced wool.

Cons of Masland Carpets

  • Masland Carpets are expensive; prices start at $4/square foot.
  • Their ranges are only available from independent carpet retailers, not big chain stores.

It’s clear that the pros far outway the cons. Masland Carpets are expensive but their durability makes them worthwhile.

Masland carpets use superior stain-resistant technology to improve the overall quality of their products.

What About the Installation and the Price?

Masland Carpets are expensive. Prices usually start at around $4/ square foot and go as high as $20 for high-end wool varieties.

You can find lower prices if you purchase second-hand or during sales. Some Masland carpets sell for as little as $2/ square foot during an end-of-the-line sale.

Installation costs vary. Be sure to do thorough research before hiring a contractor. Check their credentials and work history. You can read our guide on “Finding the Best Carpet Installer Near Me” for more information.

Some installers may overcharge you, so compare prices before choosing someone. You can do the installation yourself, but professional installation increases the carpet’s lifespan. It’s a requirement for some warranties and guarantees.

The Other Products Masland Carpets Produces

Masland doesn’t only make carpets. They also make rugs and luxury vinyl flooring. Check out our rug buying guide for more detailed information.

Masland Carpets luxury vinyl flooring and rugs also use the highest-quality materials.

Masland Carpets’ Area Rugs

Masland Carpets has a variety of rugs available. These include:

  • Masland Classics
  • Imports
  • Infinity IQ
  • Custom Infinity Rugs

These ranges have over 60 options, including everything from modern to rustic styles. 

Masland rugs are made from wool and come with a 2-year warranty.

Masland Carpets’ Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Masland knows that carpets don’t work in every area of a house or building. They expanded their range to include luxury vinyl flooring.

Masland Carpets’ vinyl planks are scratch-resistant and won’t stain. They use the same Stainmasters technology as their PetProtect carpet range. Masland’s vinyl flooring has click-lock systems, making installation easy.

With a 1mm cork pad, Masland’s vinyl flooring is completely waterproof. You can install them in kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. They also work exceptionally well in high-traffic areas, whether human feet or paws are running over them.

For a full breakdown of luxury vinyl floor pricing, read our guide. You can also learn more about the pros and cons in our luxury vinyl flooring unbiased guide.

Care, Maintenance, and Warranty of Masland Carpets

Masland Carpets are easy to care for and have a good warranty. There are simple ways to keep your flooring looking pristine.

You must maintain your flooring no matter the type. Scratches, spills, and other accidents do happen.

Let’s look at the best ways to maintain your Masland Carpets to get the best value for money.

The Best Care for Masland Carpets

Regularly vacuuming Masland carpets is crucial for preserving the lifespan of your flooring. It will also ensure every room looks pristine.

Masland Carpets recommend daily cleaning for high traffic areas and weekly cleaning for less used spaces. If you want a perfectly cleaned carpet, follow our guide on cleaning carpet.

Set your vacuum to the correct pile height for your Masland carpet. It will deepen the clean. You can find this information in your manual.

Masland recommends you do a professional, deep clean every 12 to 18 months. Do it before your carpet becomes damaged and stained. Be sure to check for credentials before hiring professional carpet cleaners.

The best deep cleaning method, according to Masland, is steam extraction, using a hot water and detergent mixture.

Remove stains and spills as soon as they happen. Use the blotting method and never scrub any accidental messes.

Pick up spilled solids with a spoon. Clean with carpet cleaners and dry with a paper towel. Leave the paper towel over the affected area until dry by weighing it down with a book.

Damage Prevention Maintenance of Masland Carpets

Masland Carpets are of the highest quality. You can prevent damage by maintaining your carpet. Here’s how:

  • Remove your shoes before walking on the carpets.
  • Place outdoor mats at all entrances and thoroughly clean your shoes before entering your home.
  • Relocating your furniture to reroute high-traffic areas preserves your carpet because it changes the areas that people constantly walk over. 
  • Use a protective pad that covers high traffic areas for extra protection.. Be sure to check the Masland pad requirements.
  • Put furniture socks or pads on the legs of all heavy furniture. They’ll distribute weight more evenly and prevent carpet damage.
  • To prevent the carpets from getting damaged by the Sun, use shade covers on windows where appropriate.

Taking preventative measures is the best way to increase the longevity of your Masland carpets. 

Masland rugs should be professionally dry cleaned once a year. Vacuum regularly to prevent stains and other damage. Avoid placing heavy furniture on top of your Masland rug as it can damage the carpet’s weave.

Masland Carpets Warranty and Guarantees

Masland Carpets offer a limited 2-year warranty on all their products. There are specific exclusions, so be sure to read them all.

Masland maintains that their products will be free of defects for 2years from the date of delivery. Their yarn manufacturers offer additional warranties.

Some commercial Masland products have 10-year guarantees.
Do you have experience with Masland – or have some more questions? Leave a comment and we’ll get back to you. In the meantime, read our unbiased carpet buying guide.

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