The 3 Best Robot Vacuums to Keep Your Floors Spotless

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The 3 Best Robot Vacuums to Keep Your Floors Spotless

Robot vacuums give you independence.

They help you to keep your floors clean with effortless efficiency and less noise than traditional vacuums.

A more convenient vaccum is getting used more often. This way, they help keeping the people around you healthy.

Research shows that efficient vacuum cleaners remove over 90% of bacteria. Also, they remove dust-mites. Experts agree that dust-mites can cause, or aggravate, breathing problems.

Let’s delve into the best robot vacuums.

How I Choose the Products I Recommend

Whenever I do product reviews, I adhere to a rigid system. I investigate many aspects to ensure I recommend the best products.

Any product I recommend must be:

  • Durable – I research each product to ensure it has a reputation for staying power.
  • Valuable – I recommend products that are valuable and affordable. I look for products that intersect the best price and excellent quality.
  • Efficient – The next thing on my list is efficiency. I tried to find devices that required minimal input.
  • Usable – If you need a degree in physics to use a product, I won’t recommend it. I aim to suggest useful devices that are easy to operate.
  • Popular – While not critical, reputation often says a lot about a product. If a device is receiving consistent five-star reviews, there’s a reason.

I do my best to find the products that excel in all these categories. If I recommend something, it’s been thoroughly vetted.

The Three Best Robot Vacuums: My Selection

I’ve worked through many robotic vacuum cleaners and made comparisons. Each of them is noteworthy for affordability and efficiency.

Best Overall – the Captain’s Choice: iRobot Roomba 614

Of the devices I’ve listed, the iRobot Roomba 614 is my favorite. If it were a regular vacuum, it would be on our best vacuum cleaners for every use list.

This device has an excellent range of dirt sensors. From dust to pet hair, the Roomba finds it all.


  • Dirt detection technology
  • Retractable brushes for cleaning corners
  • 90-minute runtime before charging


  • No virtual mapping abilities
  • The dirt canister can fill quickly

Check out the iRobot Roomba 614 and decide for yourself.

Best for Hard Floors: Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX

Not even the items on our ranking of the most durable flooring can withstand manhandling by a poorly designed vacuum cleaner. For floors like hardwood, laminate, or PVC, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX is an ideal choice.


  • Up to 1,000 minutes of vacuum time
  • Self-charging unit
  • 2,000 PA sucking power


  • No mapping technology
  • It doesn’t work well on heavy carpets

Don’t miss out; try the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX for your hard surfaces.

Best for Carpets: ILife V3s

Not all robot vacuums work ill on carpets. This can be a concern as many users need efficient carpet cleaning. The ILife V3s is an outstanding choice for carpets with low- to medium-density weaves.


  • Excellent at removing pet hair
  • Sensors prevent the machine from falling or crashing
  • Scheduled cleaning option


  • Remote controlled
  • It doesn’t use mapping technology

Try this excellent carpet cleaner for yourself?


New owners of robotic vacuums have many questions. I’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions and answered them here.

Will Robot Vacuums Scratch Hardwood Floors?

No, robot vacuums work particularly well on hardwood floors. Any reputable device will keep your floors in excellent shape.

Can Robot Vacuums Clean Stairs?

Unfortunately, robotic vacuum cleaners are unable to clean stairs. Thanks to the fundamental design of these devices, they can’t make their way upstairs.

It’s also impossible for this type of vacuum to travel downstairs, except by falling.

Are Robot Vacuums Good for Dog Hair?

Many robot vacuums are efficient at removing dog hair.

Since many users have pets, manufacturers devoted resources to this ability. Most modern devices remove pet hair without a problem.

Which Robot Vacuums Have Mapping?

A mapping system allows vacuums to carry a digitally rendered map of your home. Since this allows the vacuum to clean every area of every room efficiently, it’s a desirable trait.

Most mid to high-end robotic vacuums now come with mapping.

WiFi-enabled devices are more likely than basic systems to have mapping software.

Are Robot Vacuums Worth it?

Robotic vacuums are worth it. If you’re willing to empty the bin regularly and establish a cleaning routine, the vacuum will serve you well.

The exception to the rule is if you have carpets with dense weaves.

Not even the best robot cleaner will work well on deep carpeting.

Background/Helpful Tips

I know that you’re unlikely to buy a robot vacuum thoughtlessly. In the following sections, I’ll give you’ll hints and advice to help you make an informed decision.

Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuums

Most carpet cleaning methods, including robotic vacuums, have advantages and disadvantages. I’ve listed some major examples for your benefit.


  • Robotic systems clean without your intervention
  • Time-efficient way of keeping floors and carpets clean
  • Works well on hardwood and PVC floors


  • Robot vacuums can easily get tangled or stuck
  • These devices can’t clean stairs

Helpful Tips

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help expand your vacuum’s lifespan.

  • If you have pets that shed heavily, you need to empty your robot vacuum more often.
  • You can buy devices that signal the robotic vacuum to stay in a certain area.
  • If you live in a multi-story home, consider having a robotic vacuum for each floor.
  • Running your vacuum daily lessens the amount of debris it needs to gather every time.
  • For best results, empty your vacuum after every cycle.
  • Buy only genuine replacement parts for your machine, or you may void your warranty.

Things to Avoid Doing With Robot Vacuums

  • Letting your robotic vacuum clean up big piles of dirt. These devices clean floors well, but they have limited storage. Don’t expect them to remove a bucket of sand that you spilled.
  • Expecting the machine to clean up liquid spills. Even though hybrid robot vacuums have mops, they shouldn’t clean up spills.

    If you have a vacuum with a mop, you change the dustbin for a water canister when it mops. Instead of a true mop, the machine typically features a microfiber cloth. The water canister keeps the cloth moist so it can remove dust and grime.

  • Having the device clean a new area unattended. Try to be available on your device’s first run in a new location. If something goes wrong, you’ll be there to help.

If you found our best robot vacuum guide useful, you might enjoy our other vacuum guides. I discuss everything from the best American vacuums, best cordless vacuum for pet hair to the best vacuum for under $200.

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