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14 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Dear Carpet Captain:
    Bought two 8 x 10 “SAFAVIEH Florida Shag Sigtraud Abstract Waves 1.2-inch Area Rug”….what is ideal rug pad for both comfort and soundproof…will be on “engineered wood” floor..(which am guessing is vinyl? ) This rug is now on Amazon and Overstock and need to buy pad asap…can you recommend best options for comfort and sound cancelling ,,,, in one level apartment.,
    thank you

  2. How to contact you? I read your review article on the safewise website, and know that you are committed to sharing professional review articles for audiences, so I would like to invite you to review our new product. Please kindly reply and send me an email. Thank you.

  3. Hey CC team,

    It’s Adrian from HomeFloorExpert. I need to get in touch with you. Please get back to me when you can.

  4. I appreciate the goal of your site and honest input on vacuums and the frustration on few vacuums entirely made in USA. I am wondering if you would consider evaluating vacuums made by companies still headquartered and owned in the USA. At least in this case a good portion of profits stay here.

  5. Hello Carpet Captain. I’m one of those folks who do my due diligence before making a major purchase. So your site was an invaluable resource. It took my husband & I over a year to decide on new carpet and we schooled ourselves on numerous internet sites, but quickly found that your site was the easiest/most clear layout of all issues and we thank you for that. We recently decided on Dixie Home “Hearts Content”-Dixie Home category-“textured” cut pile/Envision SD 6,6 pet protect nylon/pile height 19/32/density 3573/twist 6×6/face wt 52. Our one “must” was to avoid, to the max extent possible, footprints/vacuum marks. We thought we had done pretty well being armed with all of your tips. However, after installation we see that all the unsightliness of footprints/vacuum marks are glaringly apparent. We have contacted Dixie Home and have been advised (a) upon checking, they haven’t had any complaints of this nature and (2) they do not mark the product as “trackless”. I then asked them if any of their textured products are trackless and they said “No”. You can imagine our dismay….to make the process even more difficult, during our search period carpet companies discontinued the identification on the sample backs of all the criteria a customer would want to know, i.e., face wt/ density/twist, etc. Each time we asked these questions, carpet shop personnel would have to call the manufacturer to ask. Now it seems that choosing a “textured” carpet does not mean you are getting a “trackless” product. It seems it is nearly impossible for those who DO want to make an educated decision are still in the dark or subject to the whims of manufacturer decisions to provide little, if any, information on their products which would allow an informed decision. We thought we had invested of our time and effort to result in the right choice and now we have a carpet that, seemingly, we will spend the rest of lives (at ages 73 and 79) looking at a product that represents all of what we were trying to avoid by doing our due diligence. Did we do something wrong in our process?
    Thanks and I hope you are still taking messages.

  6. Hi Carpet Captain – I am not sure if this Contact page is working because there are errors showing on the page, but I am giving it a shot. Tacony reached out to you a number of months ago because I asked them to, but did not hear back from you. If you want to speak with them, they would be happy to discuss your comments.

    • Tacony is a 76-year-old American family-owned vacuum and sewing company that is run by the granddaughter of the founder. They make Riccar and Simplicity vacuums for home use and make several brands of vacuums for commercial applications. Many of their vacuums and other floor machines are manufactured in Missouri and Texas from globally-sourced parts, and others are imported from multiple countries overseas. Any Dealer will know which is which and will share that with a Customer.

    Please let me know if you would like to speak with Tacony and how best to reach you. Thanks!

  7. Captain,
    You have one of the best informational sites I’ve seen. Easy-to-read content that isn’t marketing focused. Thanks for all your work and generosity.

  8. We are looking at 2 different carpets,

    1) Dream Weaver Masquerade, face weight ozs/yds 65, density ozs/yds 3120, description textured cut pile, 100 percent pure color SD BCF polyester, Par 3.75, thickness 24/32″, tuffs per inch 8.3, twists 5.0 turns per inch, primary and secondary backing polypropylene.

    2) Dream Weaver Epic II, face weight ozs/yds 65, density ozs/yds 4406, texture – description cut pile, 100 pure color soft SD BCF polyester, Par 4, thickness 17/32″, tuffs per inch 12.6, twists 5.75 turns per inch, backing primary polypropylene, secondary backing purebac.

    After reading your information we like the colors in the second one better than the first and think the second might be the better of the 2, however never heard of the purebac backing before.

    Can you shed some light on the purebac backing and which carpet is better.



    1. Hi Clarence – Purebac is a newer carpet backing… I think introduced this year. I usually don’t put too much stock in backings in today’s carpets because they’re usually not the limiting factor. That said, this is supposed to be “new and improved,” and since backing are already mostly good, it shouldn’t disappoint unless it’s a mess up on the manufacturers end. The bad news of this is it hasn’t been around long enough to really have an opinion.The good news is it looks like it has a 10-year warranty for delamination, so in the rare event it were poorly engineered, you should be covered (although I would double check this). Best of luck

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