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5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Captain,
    You have one of the best informational sites I’ve seen. Easy-to-read content that isn’t marketing focused. Thanks for all your work and generosity.

  2. We are looking at 2 different carpets,

    1) Dream Weaver Masquerade, face weight ozs/yds 65, density ozs/yds 3120, description textured cut pile, 100 percent pure color SD BCF polyester, Par 3.75, thickness 24/32″, tuffs per inch 8.3, twists 5.0 turns per inch, primary and secondary backing polypropylene.

    2) Dream Weaver Epic II, face weight ozs/yds 65, density ozs/yds 4406, texture – description cut pile, 100 pure color soft SD BCF polyester, Par 4, thickness 17/32″, tuffs per inch 12.6, twists 5.75 turns per inch, backing primary polypropylene, secondary backing purebac.

    After reading your information we like the colors in the second one better than the first and think the second might be the better of the 2, however never heard of the purebac backing before.

    Can you shed some light on the purebac backing and which carpet is better.



    1. Hi Clarence – Purebac is a newer carpet backing… I think introduced this year. I usually don’t put too much stock in backings in today’s carpets because they’re usually not the limiting factor. That said, this is supposed to be “new and improved,” and since backing are already mostly good, it shouldn’t disappoint unless it’s a mess up on the manufacturers end. The bad news of this is it hasn’t been around long enough to really have an opinion.The good news is it looks like it has a 10-year warranty for delamination, so in the rare event it were poorly engineered, you should be covered (although I would double check this). Best of luck

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