About Carpet Captain

At Carpet Captain, our mission is to provide you with floor buying advice without a sales pitch.

You can’t buy flooring here, but you’ll learn how to buy it.

And I think learning from someone who’s not selling to you is important. It’s hard for even a perfectly honest salesman to not be biased toward the flooring products that put more money in their bank account.

Plus, it’s just less stressful learning online in your own home.

I can’t count how many times I’ve been helped for free on the internet, and this content will be no different. I don’t offer “premium advice” for an upcharge. Never ask for your credit card. The site is 100% advertisement-supported, and all of my knowledge to you is free.

How do I plan to help you shop for flooring?

I’ll help you all the research before you step foot in a store.

It starts by helping you choose which floor you should buy.

Already know which type of floor you want?

Then, you can move on to our unbiased flooring guides. Here you’ll select the type of floor you’re buying, and it’ll take you to a step-by-step guide on my years of experience on how to best buy that floor. You’ll learn:

  • what floor features make the most sense in your situation (eg. stain protectors, coatings, moisture barriers, pet protection, whether or not specific quality “certifications” make any difference, etc)
  • interior design tips (not my expertise, but I get help from others)
  • what specifications have the biggest impact on the floor’s durability
  • how to get the best deal

All of this will get you up to speed exactly what you need quickly, hopefully leading got smart, regret-free buying decisions.

Who am I, and where did Carpet Captain come from?

Here’s the short story of how Carpet Captain evolved:

In 1986 [the roots/pre-story]: Carpetech is born in Indianapolis. Ron launched this full-service carpet cleaning company with a mission to build his business by word of mouth between homeowners. The goal wasn’t to be the biggest business through advertising and marketing, it was to be his customer’s go-to source when they had any questions about flooring.

In 2010 [the idea]: With the increasing demand for his carpet and flooring expertise, Ron decides the best way to efficiently educate his customers is to create a website that anyone can access anytime. Ron asks his son Brandon to help him set this up. The website focused on one of the hottest topics at the time: Berber carpet.

In 2011 [first website]: The Berber carpet website evolves from a local resource for Ron’s customers to a national audience of over 30,000 people. Emails flooded in not just asking about Berber carpet but all types of carpet and all types of flooring. Brandon knew rather than answering all questions individually by email, a new website needed to be created.

In 2012 [Carpet Captain is born]: After brainstorming about 50 names for the new website, Carpet Captain is chosen—it is easy to remember and is a tribute to Brandon’s dad’s service in the Navy and his carpet cleaning business. The new website is created with a few founding principles: always be for the “little guy” (the shopper and not the big businesses selling to the shopper), always be unbiased, and keep learning.

In 2020 [where we are today]: Carpet Captain continues to stay true to its original values (unbiased information for the shopper) and continues to grow with its readers. The questions you ask help me learn along the way, and I continue to update and improve the content. To date, Carpet Captain has educated over 2 million flooring shoppers, and I have you to thank!

If you ever have questions for me, I make every effort to respond to all emails. You can contact me here.

Best of luck on your floor shopping journey,

Carpet Captain

The Carpet Captain

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1 month ago

We recently bought a townhouse which has carpet and 3mm cork underlayment under it (But this is easily 10 yrs old) in upstairs bedrooms. We do have two small kids which makes impact noise very loud. We are looking for options to change our flooring because it is pretty old . But while we are there, we want to pick the right flooring and underlayment options that would give us the best soundproofing so we don’t constantly tell our kids, DONT RUN or JUMP ! I have been leaning towards cork flooring with a 3 or 6 mm cork underlayment… Read more »

6 months ago

I am replacing carpet in a music room with a drum kit. I would like to get a high density flat rubber pad to help absorb pad. Most carpet stores will not use the 22 lb pad because it will void the warranty on carpet. Some store recommend against 22 lb pad that does not have a moisture barrier. Do you think a 22 lb pad would help reduce noise over a 8 lb pad on a concrete slab? What is the best kind of carpet to install on a 22 lb flat rubber pad?

11 months ago

Hi Carpet Captain, My name is Cristina and I work at a flooring store in Seattle, WA. I’ve read almost every article on this site, and I just wanted to say I am blown away by the amount of information on here. I feel much more confident, now, when talking to homeowners and helping them make selections for their projects. I’ve used information on this forum to educate homeowners (I emailed your vacuum guide to a homeowner considering a wool Berber) and I also use the information on here to keep our sales reps in line! I asked a Stanton… Read more »

Howard Grow
1 year ago

Need to know where you’re located at or how to contact you

Lisa Wagner
1 year ago

I appreciate the content you have here on your site. Thank you!

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