If you want to know a little bit more about the roots of Carpet Captain and how it evolved, you’re at the right place. But let’s be honest, not many people want to know too much about me or my site. To keep it simple, I’ll divide this page into three sections: what Carpet Captain is about, quick summary of how it came about, and then a little longer history of how it came about (for those few who are interested). Here it goes…

What is Carpet Captain about?

Carpet Captain is designed for one reason: help you take the carpet shopping experience into your hands. This means giving you the tools and information you need to choose the details of a carpet that will be the best fit for your home and also get this carpet at the best possible price. If I had to choose one thing I take the most pride in at Carpet Captain, it is its unbiased nature. I have no financial incentive in what type of carpet you buy, and I never have. To take that a step further, creating this site was in response to the demand I had to help more and more carpet shoppers with their purchase. Let me explain how this happened…

Who am I, and where did Carpet Captain come from?

Here’s the short story…

Carpet Captain is a father-son project that began with the carpet shopper in mind. The seeds for Carpet Captain began when Ron started a full-service carpet cleaning company (Carpetech) in 1986. Carpetech’s customers looked to Ron as their go-to expert on all carpet related topics. As the demand for his carpet advice steadily increased, Ron asked his son Brandon to help build a website answering some of the most common questions he received. The first site was dedicated solely to Berber carpet. The extended Ron’s expertise from Indianapolis to worldwide and questions started evolving from Berber carpet to all kinds of carpet topics, most coming from carpet shoppers. Ron and Brandon decided a new website guiding carpet shoppers through the process would not only reduce their time spent answering emails, but give all carpet shoppers the ability to make more confident carpet buying decisions; Carpet Captain was born.

A timeline of Carpet Captain’s development

In a little more detail, this is how it all unfolded…

In 1986: Carpetech is born in Indianapolis. Ron launched this full service carpet cleaning company with a mission to be a local expert on carpet. Accomplishing this meant staying up on top of all of the current research on carpet as well as using his own personal judgments from his experience cleaning, repairing, and installing carpet in homes of all sizes, commercial buildings and apartments. This built the foundation for extensive and thorough carpet knowledge.

In 2000: Carpetech sharpens its focus. Ron makes the decision to part ways with most of his apartment segment of his business, so he can focus his expertise on his loyal homeowners. This allows him to provide better and more complete customer service. The relationships Ron built with the customers led to him being sought for recommendations on everything from how to remove a ketchup stain to advice for shopping for new carpet.

In 2010: With increasing demand for his carpet expertise, Ron decides the best way to efficiently educate his customers is to create a website that anyone can access anytime. Ron asks his son Brandon to help him set this up. The website focused on one of the hottest topics at the time: Berber carpet.

In 2011: The Berber carpet website evolves from a local resource for Ron’s customers to a national audience of over 30,000 people. Much of the website audience is carpet shoppers; e-mails flooded in seeking advice on new carpet purchases. Brandon answers most of the questions by email, but he knows he needs a longer-term solution. The plan for a website focusing on helping these carpet shoppers is created.

In 2012: After brainstorming about 50 names for the new website, Carpet Captain is chosen—it is easy to remember and is a tribute to Brandon’s dad’s service in the Navy. The new website is created with a few founding principles: always keep carpet shoppers interests above all else, always be unbiased, and keep learning. Carpet Captain grows with you—the questions you ask, feedback you give, and word of mouth popularity is what keeps us moving forward. We know it’s a tough economy, so we really take pride in helping you with such a big investment in home improvement.

In 2016: Carpet Captain continues to stay true to it’s original values while growing to help more readers. To date, Carpet Captain has helped over a half million carpet shoppers!

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Hi Carpet Captain, My name is Cristina and I work at a flooring store in Seattle, WA. I’ve read almost every article on this site, and I just wanted to say I am blown away by the amount of information on here. I feel much more confident, now, when talking to homeowners and helping them make selections for their projects. I’ve used information on this forum to educate homeowners (I emailed your vacuum guide to a homeowner considering a wool Berber) and I also use the information on here to keep our sales reps in line! I asked a Stanton… Read more »

Howard Grow

Need to know where you’re located at or how to contact you

Lisa Wagner

I appreciate the content you have here on your site. Thank you!

sharyn t Lammers

question for you????? Where could I get carpet with a latex back to cover my deck. I am thinking if I do this, I will not need to pay to get my deck cleaned in the spring. I would pick up the carpet in the spring and then lay it back down in the fall to protect the deck from getting so dirty in the fall and the winter. Does this make sense. What do you think of my idea, will it work? Is it cost effective. A professional want $400 to clean my deck in the spring. Thanks ahead… Read more »

cathy beadberry

VOC in carpeting help my husband has severe asthma and I have been on your sights for months reading and educating myself since we really need to put new pad and carpet in our home. We live in idaho and the cold and winds are relentless. i am trying hard to keep carpeting out of our home but it seems impossible. especially in our lower part of our home. I am very worried about the toxins for all of us with new pad and carpet but i am extremely worried for my husband. Any information or help I would truly… Read more »