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What type of floor should I buy?

There are 8 major types of floors and each one is perfect for somebody’s floor job.

So which one is perfect for your room or project?

That’s the purpose of this article.

I’ve helped people purchase their flooring (I don’t sell flooring) for nearly 10 years. In this time, I’ve come across about every question or situation you could ask*, and I’ve seen the mistakes and regrets people have.

All of this information I attempt to pass on to you in this article. (coming soon)

*(although I’m still surprised at how many new ones come up! always feel free to leave comments with any questions you have)

First question, which is most important to you?

In a perfect world, you get the cheapest floor, the floor that lasts the longest, serves all your needs, and is simple to install yourself.

In reality, you usually have to choose one of these. Here are a few articles that cover some of the most important concerns when buying flooring. Just click the button to go to the page that ranks types of floors on the topic:

If you’ve narrowed down what flooring you might like, you might want to know how much it costs. To get an estimate, head over to our floor project calculator page. (it covers most of the major floor types and is the simplest way to get an estimate without an installer).



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after versus:

buying tips: negotiating, where to buy


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