What are Your Flooring Options?

Average Cost To Install New Flooring Price Range: $1,215 - $2,460
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Start here to learn which type of floor is best for your home.

Top 3 Articles On Choosing Flooring

most durable flooring options


Want to have a floor you don’t worry about? This will rank the most durable floors. Install these options, and they’ll stay looking good for years without much effort.

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cheapest flooring options


Don’t have 5k lying around for new flooring? Here are our ideas for the cheapest floors–that still look great, of course.

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easiest DIY flooring options


Ready to roll up your sleeves? Flooring can range anywhere from ‘as difficult as building a Lego castle’ (and not even a very good castle) to ‘you need professional construction experience’ to install. This is my ranking of the easiest DIY floors.

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Floor Buying Tips

when is the best time to buy flooring


Mark your calendar… it’s time to buy your floor. But for when? Here are the times of the year that you’ll find the best (and worst) deals.

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how to negotiate flooring


Floor salesmen want to make a deal. They don’t really care how good of a deal you get. Use this in your favor to negotiate your flooring. It’s easy to pull off without it being awkward and uncomfortable (plus, you’ll learn my favorite book on the subject written by a former FBI agent)

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floor cost calculator


Numbers are boring but important. I did most of the math for you, so you can just plug in 3 pieces of information: your room size, your floor, and how durable you want it to be. Then, the calculator does all the work.

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Average Cost To Install New Flooring Price Range: $1,215 - $2,460
See costs in your area

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4 thoughts on “What are Your Flooring Options?”

  1. How about staining floors? Also, can you tell me what options are available for upstairs? I really do not want to do carpet.

    1. No limits upstairs. Sound can be an issue for some people. If you don’t want carpet, I’d probably put pad under any hard options you choose.

  2. Thank you for comparing the different types of materials we can choose for our floors. My husband and I are thinking about remodeling our home and this will really help us make a decision. We have 3 kids and a dog so we definitely have to do our research and see which one fits our needs.

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