Recycling Carpet Infographic

What if you could recycle the #2 product in landfills?

You can. Most people just don’t realize it.

For years, I’ve been helping people on the internet with their flooring purchases, but it wasn’t until recently I stumbled upon the fact that carpet is the #2 product in landfills.

I thought, “If I didn’t know carpet was such a burden on our landfills, how many flooring shoppers do?” So I surveyed my website readers. Out of 176 who took the survey, only 39 knew recycling their carpet was an option (they probably live in California… see why below).

This is kind of scary. Helping a big portion of flooring shoppers, I felt a little responsibility. So here is my payback: the infographic below is my best attempt to bring awareness to this issue. Please share to help spread the word:

Most people don't know the #2 product in landfills
Most people don’t know the #2 product in landfills
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