Luxury Carpet – The Most Expensive & Prestigious Carpeting

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Luxury Carpet – The Most Expensive & Prestigious Carpeting

Bentley’s, Rolex, Louis Vuitton are the luxury of the car, watch, and fashion industries, respectively. Their products stand out, are impressive, and are well made. So what’s the luxury of the carpet industry? That’s what we’ll cover in this article, but first, let’s discuss Bentleys—what about it makes it luxury.

Similarities of Luxury Cars and Carpet

For less than one-fifth of the price of your $200,000 Bentley, you can get a Toyota that might last longer. Durability is certainly important for your luxury car, but the truth is Bentley owners know they can get a car with similar durability for much cheaper, and they don’t care.

People pay much more for luxury cars for the extra attention to details, the extra features, and maybe most importantly because they are impressive. Luxury doesn’t necessarily have to be the most durable, and it definitely shouldn’t be the cheapest—you expect luxury to come at a cost. Whether it’s carpet or cars, it just needs to be remarkable.

The most luxurious type of carpet

There is one difference between luxury carpet and other luxury items: brand doesn’t matter with carpet. No designer prints their logo or signs their name on carpet, so all that really matters is what the carpet is made of and the craftsmanship.

If you want the most luxurious carpet, you want wool carpet.

Why is sheep fur a luxury?

Little do sheep know, their fur has qualities that make any man-made carpet jealous. Here’s a list of the features that take wool from average to elite:

All natural. This goes without saying, but it provides more benefits than you may realize. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also good for your health. New carpets off-gas a form of indoor pollution, and this can be hazardous to our health. Wool carpets don’t have as many of the chemicals that cause this problem, so your lungs will be pampered with fresh air.

Durability. Earlier I talked about how luxury items don’t have to be the most durable, but you still expect them to be well-made and last a long time. Wool carpet fits this mold, and in fact, it may be the most durable carpet in some situations.

Great insulation. Many people who love carpet describe it as making their house more like a home. Carpet provides insulation that makes it warm underfoot and gets rid of the empty echoing sound that is sometimes experienced with hard floors. Wool does all of this better than any other carpet on the market.

Fire resistance. Any carpet that can potentially save your life is definitely a luxury. To be fair, wool’s not going to stop a fire, but it does have a higher melting point than other carpets. This means a flame has to work a little harder or longer to melt wool. This probably won’t have an impact for many people, but it’s the little things that count.

Self-cleansing. Wool doesn’t wash itself, but it naturally resists stains and repels oils. You know what they say, preventions the best medicine. Wool’s waxy covering, called lanolin, gives it natural stain and oil resistance without the added coatings/chemicals that many other carpets require.

Mite repellent. Speaking of lanolin, it also repels dust mites. They don’t like the waxy coating. A great bonus for allergy sufferers.

Other marks of carpet luxury.

This is simple: just don’t mess it up. What I mean is wool carpet is the luxury, but you have to make sure the other performance factors are up to par. If you get a wool carpet with a low density, it’s not a luxury carpet. Make sure the numbers add up because some wool manufacturers will make the backing of the carpet heavy, so when you pick up a sample, it feels like there’s more wool than there truly is.

Luxury padding

If you’re going to have a luxury carpet, you might as well give it luxury support. This means luxury padding. Go with a slab rubber pad, or possibly a heavy jute or fiber pad. This will allow your wool carpet to reach its maximum potential.

Captain’s parting words!

So how much will all of this cost? A lot. And that’s how it’s supposed to be (if this bothers you may want a carpet that’s a good value). You’re paying for the “little things”—the same attention to detail you’d expect from your Rolex. You want the best? Wool carpet plus slab rubber.

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