Report Card Category Explanations

Reading about carpet fibers can be confusing, especially if you have no background knowledge. The carpet report card is designed to give you a quick glance, simple way of weeding out what carpet fibers may or may not work for you.

Below is further explanation of the graded categories:

Ease of clean: Once the carpet begins to look dirty, how easily does it come clean? A large part of this rating is a result of whether or not the carpet binds to oils. Binding to oils causes carpets to attract and hold dirt. Low grades in this category may mean even a professional carpet cleaner will have a tough time getting a dirty carpet clean.

Stain: How well does the carpet fiber resist stains? Some carpets do better than others at allowing you to blot up a spill, animal urine, etc before the offending color is a permanent feature of the carpet. Notice this is different from “ease of clean” because this refers to a carpets ability to resist being stained, rather than “ease of clean” which is the carpets ability to be restored to a clean appearance after having a dirty soiled or oily appearance.

Durability: How well will the carpet fiber hold up to the daily grind of being walked on by people and animals. How well the carpet fiber resists matting and abrasions is the major factor of this grade. You want higher grades here if you want your carpet to last as long as possible. Carpets that receive low grades but are still exposed to normal foot traffic will look worn out in 5 years or even less.

Comfort: Is the carpet soft enough to provide comfort to your bare feet, or is it rough and more uncomfortable?

Mildew/Mold: How susceptible is the fiber to growing mildew and mold? This is a measure of the fiber’s tendency to hold water; the more water held, the greater the chance of fungal growth. No carpets are mold resistant, so don’t think high grades will prevent mold if you have a moisture problem.

Green: How well does the carpet fiber treat the environment? Good grades typically result from using recycled materials, but the amount of factory emissions to make the carpet is also taken into account.

Budget: How inexpensive are carpets made with this fiber? Note that a low price does not indicate the carpet is a better value. In other words, the only factor considered in this grade is how low is the cost of the carpet, not how long the carpet will last. To determine value, educate yourself using the other pages on our website. Doing so will allow you to pick out the best value carpet for your home.

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Billy Vincinzo
5 months ago

Your report card has the word “BudGet” spelled wrong. I think it says “Bufget”.

Yvonne Amos
4 years ago

I have wall to wall in my apartment but I need to get some area rugs and a couple of runners. This apartment complex just installed new carpet for me ( I’ve lived here for 14 yrs). It looks like cheap carpet, I’m getting some small stairs from the maintenance man coming in. Need help picking the right material for endurance and comfort. HELP!!!

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