Tuftex Carpet Buying Guide (Without a Sales Pitch)

Average Cost To Install Carpet Price Range: $845 - $1,650
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Tuftex Carpet Buying Guide (Without a Sales Pitch)

Tuftex carpets are known to provide great floor protection and utmost comfort.

But are you paying for reputation or actual quality?

Their fibers are recyclable and made out of Cradle to Cradle certified materials. Creating the carpets relies on carbon management and proper water stewardship.

Read on to see if you really should spend your cash on Tuftex luxury carpets!

In Short

  • Follow a comprehensive guide if you’re buying a Tuftex carpet for the first time.
  • Find a carpet that’s both durable and affordable.
  • Check the different characteristics of the carpet to determine its quality.
  • Hire professionals to install the carpet. If you have the skills to remove old carpet and subfloor, you can do it yourself before laying down the new Tuftex carpet.
  • Tuftex carpets are stain-resistant, reduce noise, and produce heat, making them an ideal flooring option.
  • Use the right techniques to maintain your carpet. Clean it regularly and invest in professional steam cleaning annually to keep the carpet well-groomed and fresh.

How to Buy the Best Tuftex Carpet for Your Home

Homeowners who want carpeted floors can opt for Tuftex carpets. The different blends of nylon fibers and available colors make it a popular choice.

Tuftex carpets with good padding also protect the subfloor of a room. It’s important to find a suitable Tuftex carpet that’s appropriately sized and fits your budget. If you’re struggling to find a perfect fit, check out our article about calculating how much carpet you need.

If you wish to buy Tuftex carpets for your home or any other space, you need to ensure that they’re the best choice. Following are a few aspects of the Tuftex carpet that you should check before buying.

  • Cost – The cost of Tuftex carpets depends upon the nylon fibers that you choose. Usually, these carpets cost more than most other brands.

    Apart from the material costs, you’ll have to consider additional charges. These include installation costs and the cost of sizing the carpet to fit your room. While the Tuftex carpet is expensive, it lasts a lot longer than any commonly used carpets.
  • Size – Manufacturers size Tuftex carpets according to the floor measurements. Before buying a carpet, provide the measurements to get the right-sized carpet. This approach ensures that the carpet cut fits the room.
  • Durability – Tuftex carpets are extremely durable. They can withstand rough traffic and don’t show any signs of wear for at least two years in most homes.

    Tuftex carpets are ideal for large families with kids or pets.

Tuftex carpet ranges offer various kinds of nylon fibers. It’s important to check the carpet’s fiber strength before buying.

  • Stain-resistance – Tuftex carpets are usually resistant to all kinds of stains. If a Tuftex carpet gets stained accidentally, you can remove the stains with gentle and suitable cleansers.
  • Style and Colour – The style of Tuftex carpets from the material used to create the carpet.

    These carpets are usually available in neutral colors that complement every room where you use the carpets. You can also buy darker shades of blue or green, depending upon the color of your interiors.

The points mentioned above will serve as a guide when you buy a Tuftex carpet for the first time.

The best carpet for you is durable, sturdy, resistant to the toughest stains, and the right size. But, it’s also important to look for one that falls within your budget and is of the right color and style.

Installing a Tuftex Carpet

To install a Tuftex carpet, you’ll have to take the room’s measurements first. This method ensures that the carpet is of the right size and doesn’t waste too much material.

Once that’s done, you’ll have to remove all the furniture. If you have an old carpet on the floor, you need to remove that as well.

You’ll need to prepare the subfloor for a Tuftex carpet and remove the molding and trim carefully.

If your doors get in the way, you’ll either have to remove them or trim them before installing the carpet.

Installing a Tuftex carpet isn’t difficult, but, as mentioned before, it does involve a few steps. You need to follow all of the steps to ensure the installation occurs properly and the carpet is lying flat and smooth.

You’ll need various tools to install a Tuftex carpet. Examples include:

  • A power tool like a circular saw
  • Heavy-duty utility knife
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Carpet stretcher
  • Knee kicker

These tools are excellent for removing old carpet and damaged subfloor and installing your new Tuftex carpet.

This list of requirements is why you should consider hiring a professional team. Professionals will have all the necessary tools to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

You might need to clear the room before the team comes in. Many professional carpet installers only do the basic installation, so if you need to trim doors, you may have to hire a carpenter.

You can also turn the installation of a Tuftex carpet into a DIY project. If you decide to install the carpet on your own, make sure you have the necessary knowledge. Our articles are an excellent knowledge base, and you can learn things like how to buy carpets online and how to install carpet on stairs.

Do thorough research about the various techniques and be careful not to damage the floor or break pieces of molding and trim.

Installing a Tuftex carpet needs proper skills and experience. We recommend hiring a professional team.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Tuftex Carpet?

Carpets need to last a long time, and a Tuftex carpet does exactly that. This sustainable carpet is extremely durable, and you can lay it on any subfloor. It meets all the EPA’s requirements for green floors. The different designs and colors also make the carpets suitable for all types of interior décor.

Below are a few more reasons why homeowners prefer Tuftex carpets over other carpets available in the market.

  • Pet-friendly – For those households that have pets, the Tuftex carpet is a great choice. The carpet material is resistant to all kinds of stains. The stains are easy to clean from the carpet’s surface, and even when you try to get out the toughest pet stains, the original color will not fade.

    Unlike other carpet types, pet hairs don’t get stuck between the fibers of a Tuftex carpet. The hairs remain on the surface, and you can easily remove them with a vacuum cleaner. A Tuftex carpet also doesn’t allow any pet litter to soak through the material and into the subfloor.
  • Absorbs noise – The thick, woven fibers of a Tuftex carpet make it noise absorbent. If you have Tuftex carpeting all around the room, it will reduce external noise considerably. Tuftex carpets also reduce the noise inside a room.

    They’re ideal for private spaces in the house and office. You can also install them in residences with a lot of exposure to noise from outside. Since less noise carries, the carpet helps to create a peaceful atmosphere inside your home.

  • Long-lasting – Tuftex carpets are strong and can withstand all kinds of external changes, including difficult weather conditions. While wear and tear will occur, a Tuftex carpet won’t get damaged as long as you keep it maintained. Tuftex carpets are one of the most durable carpets available.

    The fibers are tough, and the carpet remains functional even after long-term use. These nylon fibers don’t break easily or wear out quickly. The carpet works well in high traffic zones, like hallways or living rooms.
  • Thermal resistance – Most carpets offer warmth and comfort around the year, especially because they stop you from walking on cold floors during winters. Tuftex carpets take it a step further because of thermal resistance.

    They’re able to conserve warm air within the room for a long period, making the entire room feel cozy. The carpet itself stays warm round the clock, so you can sink your feet into the plush material every time you step on the carpet.

Maintaining a Tuftex Carpet

You need to keep a Tuftex carpet maintained.

Proper cleaning at regular intervals keeps the carpet in good condition for a long time. Professional cleaning of Tuftex carpets usually involves steam cleaning and removes even the smallest dirt particles from the carpet fibers.

Apart from professional cleaning services, Tuftex carpets also require daily maintenance. We’ll show you to avoid five common carpet regrets and give you some tips on how to clean and take care of a Tuftex carpet.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner every day to clean the dirt from the surface of the carpets. You can also use a carpet cleaner that has a beater bar when the carpet is too dirty. This approach will help to loosen any dirt particles stuck between the carpet fibers.
  • If there’s a stain on the carpet, clean it immediately using a paper towel. Once most of the residue has been soaked up, you can use stain remover wipes to clean the spot.
  • For tough stains or dirt spots, you can use several types of cleaners. There are various Tuftex-approved solutions on the market that you can use to clean your carpets. You can also use mild detergents or other carpet cleaning substances.
  • While grooming your Tuftex carpet is necessary, you should be gentle with it. Tuftex carpet fibers are tough, but you should ensure that you don’t pull or run too hard when you’re cleaning it. Rough cleaning may affect the padding or cause too much wear and tear.

    When you’re removing stains, dab a cloth or paper towel on the spot instead of rubbing it. You also need to be careful with the vacuum cleaner so that it doesn’t go over the same area too many times.

  • If your carpet is in the living room, you should consider using doormats. It will prompt people to wipe their feet before stepping on the carpet and reduce dust.

You can also hire professional cleaners for deep-cleaning services. If you keep it maintained, then you can have your Tuftex carpet professionally cleaned once a year.

If you wish to use more sustainable products, then this eco-friendly carpet will make a great addition to your home or office.

Tuftex carpets are suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial spaces. They’re also ideal for families with pets as they’re easy to clean, and the colors don’t fade during stain removal.

People living in cold regions also benefit from Tuftex carpets as they keep the interiors of your home warm and cozy. These carpets can be expensive compared to other similar carpets, but they’re worth the investment because they last a long time.

Tuftex carpets are strong and resistant to excessive wear and tear. This durability is what makes them good for every household and business.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Let us know in the comments section. If you want to learn more about carpets, check out our other articles like our guide to the best recycled carpets and our unbiased guide to buying carpets.

Average Cost To Install Carpet Flooring Price Range: $845 - $1,650
See costs in your area

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